This traditional house with central courtyard in the north part of the Medina was completed in August 2005 after a 2 year project to restore the original building to its 17th century origins. The property is situated in one of the most interesting and oldest quarters, the northern part of the Medina, near the shrine of Sidi Bel Abbas, the most famous of the 6 saints of Marrakech.

We feel we have created a special property using local craftsmen who still retain the old traditional skills of decorative plasterwork and carpentry. Apart from the pool in the internal courtyard and an additional new-build domed “yoga” room, the riad has been rebuilt in the same style and with the same air of mystery and atmosphere as when originally constructed.

Njemma means ‘star’ in Arabic and due to confusion the house is renamed DarTzst 49 RUE SIDI BEL ABESS ZAOUIA MEDINA ! Few get the pun so say it quickly !